Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hall Passes and Aprons

All students in the AfterSchool Program have to have a hall pass to get a drink or to use the rest room. It doesn't matter where you are or what age of kids you have. Most schools require hall passes. Well my supervisor bought us all hall passes at the dollar store. They were defiantly worth only a dollar. By the third week of program, mine was no longer laminated, the whole had been ripped through, (three times) and it had been ripped in half. Granted everyone elses was looking better than mine but not by much. I was done with it. So this weekend I made new hall passes for all eight teachers. They are just two pieces of felt sewn together with a piece of ribbon between the two pieces. I then took a sharpee and wrote on them. They work much better. Here. Have a picture.

Now, I was also tired of carrying everything around in my pockets or in my cart. I hate when I need something and I have to go all the way to my cart to get it. So I made this.
Yup. I made that. And yes it is an apron. I love it. And so does my supervisor and my co-workers.
I used this tutorial/pattern with only one small change. I didn't use the interfacing and it seems to be working just fine.

Any questions? Don't forget to raise your hand.

Miss Hadleigh

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