Thursday, October 3, 2013

I Love ME!! Prevention Lesson

This is a few weeks late. I keeping meaning to post this. Well I have plenty of time in between classes to do it now.

On September 23 I taught a lesson to my students about self esteem. It was simple and easy to understand for the younger students.

Paper with a five petal flower drawn on it, one for each child
Markers or Crayons

Objective: Students will learn how to appreciate themselves and like themselves for who they are. The students will demonstrate this by writing five things they like about themselves.

Give each student a paper flower. Instruct students to write their name in the middle of the flower. Talk to the students about things they like about themselves such as they are nice or they like their hair. Have each student write one thing they like about themselves on each petal of the flower. (Five total.) Go around the table or room and ask each student to share one thing they like about themselves.

NOTE: Every lesson I post will be very short and to the point with minimal instruction, as I only have twenty minutes to teach my lesson.

My students seemed to understand this well and followed directions and each completed their flower. This is pre lesson to a positive self talk lesson I am working on.

Any questions? Raise your hand.

Miss Hadleigh

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