Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pack Pumpkin Patch

This last Friday, my after school program managed to take all 120 kids to a pumpkin patch. Everyone got to take home pumpkins. We also had a short lesson from the farmer who then carves a pumpkin in less than five minutes. The other rotation we did was a straw maze. The kids loved it. I didn't. I had a really bad reaction to the hay.

Anyway, what I want to get to. While we were picking pumpkins on of my student starts yelling from the other side of the patch. "MISS HADLEIGH!!! I FOUND YOU THE PERFECT PUMPKIN!" He had been puppy guarding this pumpkin from all the kids. When a seven year old tells you it is the perfect pumpkin, you take that pumpkin home. It was a really good pumpkin.

That's all for today.

Miss Hadleigh

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