Thursday, October 31, 2013

Static Electricity

The last few weeks have been really weird. Since the pumpkin patch we have really one had one normal week of program. Last week was our parents night so we spent all week practicing our dance that we were performing for our parents. My students and my team teachers students got together and did the macarena and the chicken dance.  Totally cute. 

The week before that there was only two days of school and I had a sub both days. So the did spider webs and a halloween safety lesson. 

This week however we had an awesome science activity. We did static electricity. So heres the lesson plan. 

Static Electricity

Salt and pepper on a plate
A good wall for balloons to stick to

Each student is given a balloon that they blow up and tie. Then the students put in groups of four. The groups are then each given a plate with salt and pepper. They are told to charge the balloon by rubbing it on their head or on the felt.  They then pick up the pepper and salt with their balloon.  

Next the students are asked to explore how else they can use the balloon. We had then stick them to the wall and to each other. They also made each others hair stand on end. 

Last the class had to work as a team to make a shape or line with their balloons on the wall. We have a felt covered wall that we used. We then explained that this is called electricity and that if it had been dark enough they would have been able to see a spark. 

Before the students cold leave they had to pop their balloon and throw the  pieces away.  

It was so much fun to watch them explore through this self lead activity. 

Any questions? Raise your hand.  

Miss Hadleigh 

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